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Our firm's mission is to provide each client with personalised legal service that is tailored to meet their specific needs. We pay attention to details and provide professional, comprehensive and solution-oriented legal advice to our clients.

Legal Expertise with You in Mind.

We are a legal firm based in Ipoh, Perak that provides a broad range of legal services to meet the needs of clients. The firm was founded by two lawyers with experience and expertise in a wide range of practice areas. The firm was established in May 1999 by our two founding partners namely Mr. Nithia Nanthan and Ms. Asha Selvamani.

NI, SHA & CO. possesses the resources to handle substantial transactions, while providing value added services to our clients. Our clients include industry leaders in several segments of the market. We have built our reputation on our commitment to our clients’ success, often using a collaborative approach. We honour the trust of our clients and provide the utmost level of expertise to maintain the trust of our clients. We work hard to listen to our clients, know the business and the people, in order to understand the expectation of our clients. At NI, SHA & CO., we help our clients achieve their objectives while maximising their business interests.

Practice Area

Banking & Litigation
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Property & Conveyancing
100% Complete
Matrimonial & Family law
56% Complete (warning)
Other Matters
40% Complete

We are a solution driven law firm that strives to face every on-coming challenge and ensure that we are constantly adapting ourselves to the ever changing legal environment.

We use our experience and knowledge base, to anticipate problems and deliver innovative solutions. We continuously strive to exceed expectations. We ensure timely service delivery and competitive pricing policy. Our work is performed with thoroughness and integrity.

Our Legal Services

We offer a wide range of legal services in line with the ever changing and evolving developments in the legal sector. With the combination of our skills and experience, we offer the best possible legal representation to our clients.

The practice areas of our firm are:

Litigation & Advice (including banking, involving Islamic & conventional banking facilities) & General Litigation

• Corporate & Commercial loans,
• Hire Purchase Facilities recovery
    (including non-Act transactions),
• Personal Loans recovery,
• Micro Finance / Micro Credit Loans recovery;
• Housing Loans recovery (including foreclosure),
• Credit Card accounts recovery,
• Post-Judgment enforcement (including Bankruptcy,
   Winding Up, Writs of Seizure & Sale, Judgment
    Debtor Summonses, Garnishment of Accounts, etc.)

Land, Property & Conveyancing transactions (including purchase from developers & sub-sale)

• Conventional housing loans,
• Islamic Financing facilities,
• Government loans,
• Re-financing / Mortgage loans,
• Redeeming of properties (including without
    individual/strata title), transfer of property
    including by way of love and affection / trust deeds)
• Property purchase by foreigners 
• Financing for construction of buildings,
• Financing of properties pending issuance of
    Individual / strata title (i.e. assignment cases for
    first purchase and sub-sale),
• Commercial property financing,
• Individualised tenancy, leases & business premises
• Searching, tracing and/or replacement of lost titles
    (including large volume title searches),
• Overdraft facilities.

Other Areas

• Corporate advice & Litigation,
• Debt/loan collection suits including
   Club Membership loans recovery,
• Matrimonial & family law proceedings
    (Including adoption),
• Information Technology legal issues,
• Employment & Industrial Relations laws,
• General civil litigation,
• Property damage claims,
• Drafting of Commercial Agreements. Human
    Resource, Employment & Immigration Consultancy,
• Property damage claims,
• Drafting of Commercial Agreements,
• Human Resource, Employment & Immigration
• Probate & Administration (Inclusive of Small
• Will Writing,
• Process Service & Search Agent
    (Regional basis only.

Our firm maintains its relationship with most Banks where our legal opinions and consultative services for the Bank’s officers is appreciated. Since its inception this firm has been appointed to most, if not all, of the banks with whom dealings have been on-going, and have been granted both litigation and conveyancing panelships.

Our firm is known for its consultancy, advice and involvement in setting-up & enhancement of debt management & recovery systems. With the monitoring by our litigation officers who have been in long-standing service, the debt recovery efforts of each Bank is co-ordinated to be in compliance with the client’s specific needs and timelines.
This firm takes much effort in doing its best to produce the most compliant documentation to ensure all parties in a conveyancing transaction are protected as best possible. To this objective, this firm maintains close links with persons well-versed in the various related fields so as to be able to provide the most current advice and workable options. In order to do so, the partners and related team members constantly update themselves, including attending relevant continuing legal education briefing and seminars. Clients are also provided with loan options from our selected panel banks, with guidance on financial planning from our team members and the bankers as far as practicable. Team members are also made regularly aware on the various bank products and loan documentation. We also do so when changes are implemented by law or by the banks. Following the merger exercises in the Malaysian finance sector, almost all the banks/financial institutions with whom our firm has been working with have placed us firm on their panel, including those on an ad-hoc.
This firm maintains panelship for selected corporate clients and acts regularly in both advisory/consultative roles as well as representing the clients legally, if required. As our firm prefers to promote a synergistic blend of networking, these clients are selected for their dynamic growth potential. We believe such clients will enhance their positioning in the respective fields with the benefit from having the right legal guidance. The scope of consultancy also includes our recommendation of suitable financial institutions for our clients’ various purposes in line with their expansion programmes. This firm also represents several other companies and firms on a regular basis where panelship status has not yet been accorded. At the same time, steps have been implemented to address the needs of the growing number of individual clients without compromising the need for early, informed and efficient services to its finance sector and corporate clientele. With the on-going expansion of staff and skills, this firm is currently seeking to implement its pro-active system to its clientele, including bringing its concept of “smart-partnership” to its new banking clients and insurance companies.


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Lawyer's Profile

Our lawyers are capable of providing our Clients with reliable legal advisory and representation even in complex business transactions. Our Clients can trust their knowledge and experience to guide them through their legal process.

Mr. Nithia Nanthan a/l Vasudevan

LL.B (Hons), U.K., CLP.

Admitted to the Bar as an Advocate & Solicitor, High Court of Malaya, 1998.

Working Experience:
• Head of Department, Human Resources
   & Development.
• Human Resources Committee (Perak), Federation of
   Malaysian Manufacturers.
• Legal Assistant - Corporate & Banking Recovery.

05-242 4776,


Ms. Asha Selvamani a/p Selvamani

LL.B (Hons), U.K., CLP.

Admitted to the Bar as an Advocate & Solicitor, High Court of Malaya, 1998.

Working Experience:
• Company Secretarial assistant – including private
    and semi-government companies.
• Materials management executive - pioneer Research
   & Development and manufacturing industry.
•Legal Assistant - litigation and conveyancing matters
   including housing & development projects.

05-242 4776,


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NI, SHA & CO. 

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